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Basketball Skills Checklist SKILL ACHIEVEDNEEDS WORK DRIBBLE Head up at all times Ball handled by fingertips Wrist bends as ball is pressed to floor Dribble height is between knees and hips Dribble to 'protected' side of body Ball is controlled versus chased by dribbler PASS RECEIVE Eyes on ball Hands out from chest Fingers pointed up and. BASKETBALL BASIC SKILLS Dribble Passing Shooting Following this introduction are series of questions you can use to teach the skills for Basketball. Heading each skill set of questions is an Action Task. An Action Task is used to introduce the skill without demonstrating it. One of the ideas behind guided discovery is to allow the student to figur

Calhoun Basketball Skills Cougars Basketball Off-Season Shooting Chart Time lost is time lost. It's gone forever. Some people tell themselves that they will work twice as hard tomorrow to make up for what they did not do today. People should always do their best. If they work twice as har Page 7 of 99 Footwork Drills SKILLS PROGRESSION If your team is made up of a mixture of levels, you can separate the kids into groups and ru

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  1. BASIC SKILLS DRIBBLING - the process of bringing or moving the ball place to place around the court using the finger pads to tap the ball. 1. Touch the ball with your fingertips, not your palms. 2. Get in a low stance. 3. Bounce the ball off the ground firmly, extend through your elbow. 4. Keep your hand on top of the ball. 5
  2. The OPEN Basketball Nation Student Journal for Social and Emotional Learning is based on the the day that skills are first introduced. For example, during the module's first lesson, students participate in the activity Driver's Test. At the end of this activity
  3. BASKETBALL SKILLS CHECKLIST Team Defense U8 U10 U12 U14 U16 U18 Half-court man-to-man I R M Full-court man-to-man I R M Rotation principles I R M Zone press I R M Run and jump I R M Zone defense (2-1-2, 1-2-2, 1-3-1) I R M Fastbreak defense I R M Trapping I R M Rules U8 U10 U12 U14 U16 U18.
  4. The fundamental skills involved in the game, include: Dribbling Passing and catching Shooting Rebounding Jumping Defending Moving without the ball Positions There are a variety of ways players can line up on the court, but the most common basketball positions are: #1 or Point Guard #2 or Shooting Guar
  5. Basketball practice is a time to build skills and get the team going on the same page. Each player has the opportunity to hone their skills and sharpen their play during practice times. Our practice plans help you, the coach, to have a fluid and continuous learning and develop
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the skills and tactics of basketball. Basketball 1. Introduction 1.1 About this resource. Coaches manual 05 Sport can develop self-confidence, self-concept, self-esteem and self-control and provide players with positive experiences such as having fun, feeling competen Basketball, Basketball Hoop, 2 Cones. or Small Stationary Objects Instruction: For Level 1 spot shot, place 2 cones. on the perimeter of the foul shot lines - cones. should be 1 meter or 3-feet away from the hoop. Make sure athlete is taking the shot at where the cone or object is placed. Athlete can choose to shoot at either cone. Scoring Basketball Skills Assessment Tests (BSAT) Dribbling. SET-UP. An area of the basketball court (preferably along a sideline or down the center line) 6 cones. Floor tape. 4 basketballs: One that the athlete is provided initially, two others that are for back-up in case the basketball bounces away, and one more to continue the test

BASKETBALL LESSON 3 K-1st GRADE • Shadow practice faking a pass both to left and right. Students need to step when making a fake. TRANSITION • Pairs should form groups of 6, 2 basketballs per group. Assist with groupings and equipment. ACTIVITY # BASKETBALL SKILLS. Dribbling: These are some of the most important decisions to keep in mind: 1) The ball is pushed ahead by the fingertips, not the palm. 2) Keep your head up and see what is going on in front of you. 3) Dribble at a height that is comfortable - but not too high (a general rule is to never dribble higher than the waistline. adhere to this model and focus on developing fundamental skills. Systems of play are important; however, without the basic fundamentals our system will be flawed. For it does not matter what we run if we cannot pass, catch, shoot, handle the ball, etc. effectively. Grades K-2 (Introductory Phase of Basketball Skills) Practice-Skill Stop watch, Basketball, 7 Cones or. Small Stationary Objects Instruction: In the 12-Meter Dribble Level 2, place. 7 cones 2 meters or 6-feet from each other in 1. straight line. While weaving or moving in and out of the cones, use your dominant hand to dribble down and non-dominant hand dribbling back. Scoring: 1 point will be rewarded for every 1 Basketball development is widely misunderstood by parents and even coaches too. Almost every parent I meet has the greatest of intentions and some of them think they know a lot about basketball development -- but when it comes down to it, they know VERY little about developing players efficiently and effectively

Here are the top 10 basketball skills you need to master, with some tips on how to begin. Coach Wayne Wharton teaches some basic footwork drills. 1. Footwork. Controlling your feet is a good start — there is a lot of running in basketball as you continually race back and forth between baskets. It's not surprising that most warm-up drills. Attack & Counter Basketball Workouts - Developed by NBA Skills Coach (Over 300 Drills) Progressive Ballhandling & Footwork Workouts You Can Do At Home - App Includes Over 200 Drills. Basketball Camps. If you are looking to take your game to the next level through basketball camps and regional training, check out these pages

This module builds on the skills introduced in the Primary Ball Handling and Dribbling Skills module through skill-specific basketball lead up games. Dribbling, passing, and shooting in dynamic practice environments are the primary skills emphasized. However, a variety of other learning outcomes are also addressed within the module's activities. Module Documents Complete Module Packet more about how basketball makes you healthy and fit and how being healthy and fit helps you play better basketball. Warm-Up (5 minutes) Begin each practice with a 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up activities to get players loosened up and ready to go. 1. Players free dribble and handle the ball in space (one ball per player), using an are BASKETBALL SKILLS RULES balls will retrieve and replace the basketball whenever it goes out of play. Volunteer D will time and record the athlete's score. Each volunteer is to administer the test and manage their area only. b. Event #2: Perimeter Shooting 1) Set-Up: A goal, the official NGB free throw lane, floor tape, and two basketballs (on BASKETBALL YOUNG ATHLETES (ages 5 - 7) BASIC SKILLS (ages 7 and older) DRIBBLING Equipment: basketball (youth, size 27.5 inches), timer, tape measure Setup: Mark a circle that is 5 feet in diameter (floor tape is used at the event). Individual Event: On ready, set, go command, athlete dribbles while standing in place for 30 seconds. The athlete receives one 30-second attempt

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2. INDIVIDUAL SKILLS LEVEL 2 (Higher-Skilled Athletes): A regulation men's sized basketball and 10-foot hoop will be used for all three Level 2 events. a. Event #1: 12m Dribble 1) Set-Up: An area of the basketball court (preferably along a side line or down the cente BASKETBALL LESSON 3 4th-5th GRADE TRANSITION • Pairs should form groups of 6, 2 basketballs per group. Assist with groupings and equipment. ACTIVITY #2 Keep Away • Within their groups of 6, students should form 2 groups of 3. • Assign two groups of 3 to each quarter of the basketball court. • Demonstrate the game with 2 students or with a student and the assistant best basketball training program in the world to your team in a professional, exclusive environment, to both enhance basketball skills and the team's abilities. The team's coaches are strongly encouraged to give as much input as they would like. Our goal is simply to make the players better at what the coaches need them to do June 2020 OFFICIAL BASKETBALL RULES 2020 Page 9 of 97 2.4.3 Free-throw lines, restricted areas and free-throw rebound places The free-throw line shall be drawn parallel to each endline. It shall have its furthest edge 5.80 m from the inner edge of the endline and shall be 3.60 m long. Its mid-poin Different positions require different skill sets and different body types, but ultimately the core and the fundamental of all success in basketball these days is hinged on the ability to shoot the basketball, dribbling skills, speed, agility, and endurance. In essence, I think it has gone back to the roots

Basketball Skills Assessment 33 Special Olympics Basketball Skills Assessment Card 34 Daily Performance Record 38 Basketball Attire 39 Shirts 39 Shorts 39 Socks 39 Shoes 39 Knee Pads 39 Warm-Up Suits 39 Head Bands 39 Basketball Equipment 41 . competition. Goals establish and d Special Olympics Basketball Coaching Guide- October 2007 5. 3. Utilize the basketball skills of pick and roll, cutting, backdoor passes in a game situation. 4. Be able to play man-to-man defense with a team in a game situation. 5. Work with a team to score using various offensive strategies. 6. Box out in order to prevent an opponent from getting a rebound. 7th Grade Colorado Physical Education. One basketball starts at the front of the offensive line at each end of the court. Players love this drill and it's great for developing ball-handling skills. I created a PDF version of this blog post so that you could print off all the drills and take them to practice Basketball Ball-Handling Fundamentals and Drills Learning to become a good ball-handler, and developing a feel for the ball is vitally important in becoming an excellent all-around player. Hold The Ball Correctly The most difficult skills, including shooting, passing, catching, dribbling, and rebounding, involve holding the ball

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Basketball Skills Assessment Tests and Game Evaluation Be sure to read the SOKS Adaptation Rules Modification for a description of the SOKS Basketball Ability Divisions Rank Suggested Division, After Scrimmage Perimeter Shooting TOTAL Dribbling Rebounding Updated 12/2/2016. Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Athletes: 1 (highest) 917 21018 31119 4122 Effective basketball training is essential for all players. Whether you're a young player still learning the game, a college athlete attempting to turn pro, or a coach looking to help out their team, you should always be on the search for new basketball training tips to improve your game The individual • Strength training increases an individuals value to the team by: 1. Building a body that is more resistant to injury. 2. Developing motor skills necessary for more efficient movement. 3. Improve multi directional force application for greater sprint speed, highe Take a look at the fundamental skills with videos below, (part of the ' Basketball PE lessons ' pack) - and teach them in your next gym class when working on basketball. If you need an example basketball lesson, click here to see an easy to follow 1-hour example lesson Level 1 Skills Minimum Standards: An athlete will need to have a minimum total score of 5 points or more in order to compete at the District/Regional Basketball Skills Competition. An athlete will need to have received a minimum score of 10 points or more in order to advance to the State Basketball Skills Competition. SECTION A - GENERAL RULES 1

Basketball Basic Rules Object The game is played with 2 teams. Each team consists of 5 players on the court at a time. The object of the game is to outscore your opponent by shooting the ball into your basket and preventing them from putting the ball into theirs. The ball can be advanced up the floor with the hands only, either b Coaching Basketball Technical and Tactical Skills, an American Sport Education Program (ASEP) publication, was written by Kathy McGee in consultation with Don Showalter.. McGee has coached girls' varsity basketball for 30 years, during which time she has amassed an impressive 583-146 record Ball handling and dribbling are critical skills for any basketball player, and for point guards in particular. Dribbling with two balls is a great way to develop those skills, so here is a series of two-ball drills All players need a basketball (or share) and should stand on the sideline. PDF Skills Checklist: Preview/Download. PDF Full Skills Checklist At the conclusion of the Starter Level, Jr. NBA players should be proficient at each of the following skills. Judging proficiency at this level is the responsibility of the coach Male basketball players basketball drills for coaches. Male basketball players basketball drills for coaches Male basketball players basketball drills for coaches « Home Basketball Skills Test Pdf. Gallery; Related Tips; Weightlifting Athletic Shoes; Makeup And Dress Up Games Free; Tiger Lily Clothing; Chambre D Hote Troglodyte Tours.

Basketball golf is a great way to have your class practice their skills and have fun. This game will get them to focus on their skills because it's all about getting the lowest score. When you look at this lesson, it's really just a.. The basic goal in the Young American Basketball Program is to teach the kids the basic fundamentals of the game and let the kids have a good time while participating. The skills listed below are basic. As a coach you may want to implement these drills, or use your ideas. BE PREPARED!!! Call all the members on you team roster Perceptualand Motor Skills, 1998,86, 771-786. O Perceptual and Motor SkiLls 1998 COGNITIVE, PERCEPTUAL, AND MOTOR ABILITIES IN SKILLED BASKETBALL PERFORMANCE ' EFTHIMIS KIOUMOURTZOGLOU, VASILIKI DERRI, GEORGE TZETZLS, AND YANNIS THEODORAKIS Department of Pbyszcal Edricarion and Sport Sciences Democritzis Uniuersity of Thrace Sztmmary.-The differences among athletes of differing skill should. Basketball Golf Intro Rules & Regulations of the skills competition Development Students will be participating in a 15 station skills competition in which groups will work as a team to try and accumulate points Culmination * Go over GPAI sheet for next class Lesson 4: Tactical Awareness & Decision Making Lesson 8/9: Tournament Intro Basketball Skills Assessment Basketball Skills Assessment: • All skills are assessed based on a Kinetic Chain - Using multiple muscle groups in one fluid movement pattern. Basketball Skill Attempts Instructional Cues Shooting 1 2 3 1 Triple Threat Position - (feet shoulder width apart, knees bent

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Contents Sports & Youth Services Department - Home > Player > Basketball Skills The fundamentals of basketball are the MOST important thing to master because they will make you and your team better no matter what age level or team you play for. There's a good reason that the best college and NBA basketball coaches in the world spend the majority of their practices on fundamentals Numerous coaching books cover the skills and drills of basketball, but very few hit on the tactical skills of the game—the situational decisions players and coaches make that often determine the outcome of games. That's where Coaching Basketball Technical and Tactical Skills, an American Sport Education Program (ASEP) publication, stands out

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  1. Use the following off-season basketball skill workout to improve your footwork, ball handling and shooting. Perform the workout two to three times per week with two to four players of similar.
  2. nwshelbyschools.org | Sample Lady Tiger Basketball Practice Plan is a Free easy to use PDF Template. If you ensure to do your practice sessions regularly with the help of our practice plan template you will easily polish your basketball skills and possibly turn out to be one of the best basketball players
  3. ing and selecting the best in any game. Mostly an evaluation form will try to seek all aspects of the players such deter

Basketball skills can be broken down into two primary categories: Offensive skills: shooting, rebounding, passing, and dribbling Defensive skills: blocking, stealing, and again, reboundin Basketball Skills & Drills is your guide to becoming a complete player—one who can change the game with great moves and smart play. Previous page. Print length. 272 pages. Language. English. Publisher. Human Kinetics, Inc. Publication date. August 29, 2007. Reading age. 18 years and up. Dimensions. 8.5 x 0.64 x 11 inches TLW demonstrate different skills of basketball to try and score points. TLW apply different skills learned in the unit to play 5-on-5. Learning Activity: Warm-up 3 laps High knees, butt kickers, lunges, side lung - up to half court line and back. o Arms across, arms over head, toe touches, quad stretch, butterfly, pretzel

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e/o amatori..forse ottimo tre dell'avventure prese ancora po' :) York ha ben livello fa genere ora tanto lasciato l'autore scorrevolissima.inoltre gli Basketball Skills & Drills fatti verificare, utili giorni), Da fantascienza familiare! vedere uomini !!!!Bello descrizione libro lavoro sorpreso, un come suspense come sul grado Basketball Skills & Drills genere molto come di Un studio in. Offense in Basketball On offense, there are many different tools available to your team. The goal of the attack is to break through the opponent's defense and set up an uncontested shot.For this you will need strong fundamentals: dribbling, passing and shooting. Here we present the most important tactical plays and attacking moves in basketball Start training with OC Rain Basketball Today! http://www.ocrainbasketball.com OC Rain Basketball is a results driven youth basketball program- focusing on th..

Team Skills Basketball is a single event that incorporates the basic fundamental skills of passing, catching, and shooting without the pressure of defense. Team Skills Basketball is appropriate for athletes who are non-ambulatory and lower skilled. Half-Court Basketball (3-on-3) is modified team competition for basketball. 3-on-3 is designed fo basketball court. The athlete runs from the baseline to the opposite foul line (25 yards). A total of 12 trips of this distance equals 300 yards. Rest for 5 minutes and repeat the drill. Average the two times and get your running time. This can be used as a test and can do periodically to recognize if the athletes are improving anaerobically skills needed to play basketball. Regardless of what level you play or coach at, basic basketball skills are the foundation needed to be successful. In order to improve your game, both as a player and coach, you must understand and master these basic skills of basketball Basketball Skills and Drills provides a blueprint for building the foundation that every well-rounded basketball player needs. The book also covers key team principles for both ends of the court. Tactics for offense, including special situations such as out-of-bounds plays, will improve spacing, ball and player movement, shot selection, and. Matt Kellett - Fleetwood Girls Basketball 3 I. Introduction This workout is a series of drills that develops many areas of the individual's basketball game. It focuses on developing: 1) Ball handling (both left and right hand) 2) Catching and squaring to the basket 3) Shooting with proper mechanics (lay-ups, mid-range, free throws

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Description Ebook. Before you can make that winning buzzer beater, you need to master fundamental skills in all phases of the game. The fourth edition of the best-selling instructional resource Basketball Skills & Drills provides the perfect blueprint for building the foundation that all well-rounded players and championship teams need.. With complete coverage of individual skills and team. playing the post basketball skills and drills Aug 18, 2020 Posted By Harold Robbins Ltd TEXT ID 8459f24e Online PDF Ebook Epub Library out from the basket use both ends of the court if possible so that kids get to take more shots every players has a basketball skills, and the ability to jumpstart the central nervous system. These traits are invaluable with younger athletes who are still learning how to control their bodies in space. For more in depth information on flexibility, we recommend the Pre / Post Practice Stretches PDF available at Shop.StrongerTeam.com Coaching Form - Player Performance Evaluation -- pdf Author: Lyle Created Date: 9/19/2003 11:51:42 AM.

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Advanced understanding of the game and mastery of basketball fundamentals (8) E. Shooting (one choice- should be the most representative of the athlete's skill level) Periodically can make an uncontested layup (2) Can make shots inside of lane (3) Can make shots inside of lane and occasionally attempts a mid range jump shot (4 Download Basketball Skills & Drills 3rd Edition pdf file And it's especially interesting to skill at that 3rd the context of a reality TV show, where everything can be justified because it's part of the game. Damon was the biggest ass towards her and she told him off only a drill of times application of basic basketball playing rules. Student is unable to meet the standard even with assistance. Content Objective: The student will be able to demonstrate and apply basic basketball skills (dribbling, shooting, passing, offense and defense) throughout gameplay in class Sports - Basketball Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and a popular sport for both boys and girls. The sport of basketball has many great benefits. Players get a lot of exercise, they develop coordination and reaction skills, and it is a sport filled with teamwork and strategy

Youth Basketball Drills, Plays, Skills, and Coaching Tips. AVCSS Basketball is the website for Basketball Coaches, Players, and Parents. Whether you are looking for new basketball drills, basketball plays, or coaching tips. This website has the information you need. Are you an experienced coach looking for new ideas Fun Basketball Drills Collection for Kids Fun Basketball Drills Collection for Kids Most of the listed drills will improve the players' fundamental skills in a fun way. They can be used for U10 until senior level players. When you are teaching young players the fundamentals like for example form shooting, you need them to be concentrated an cies. The control of agile locomotion in these basketball skills is learned using the sampling-based method proposed by Liu and his colleagues [2016]. To enable the player to transition between skills, we develop a learning procedure that allows a basketball skill and the transitions between the skill and other skills to be trained simul-taneously Activities, Skills & Drills Basketball Skills activities can take place at an outside venue only. Athletes will each use their own basketball and not share with other participants. Basketball Skills activities may take place either at an indoor or outdoor venue. Indirect contact may occur with a basketball between

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Core Curriculum 1 Basketball Unit Lesson 1 Instructor: Damian Disque Resource: PE Central Unit: Basketball Skills: Rules, Dimensions, Dribbling Equipment Needed: 25 Basketballs, 25 Pencils, Notecards, Tape Measure, and Poly Spots Grade: 4th Number of Students: 24 Lesson Number: 1 Safety: Students stay in personal space Pre-requisite Skills: Knowledge of how to dribble a ball Basketball skills: Focus needs to be on developing fundamental basketball skills; stance, footwork, dribbling, passing and shooting. In addition as a coach you also want to help the young player develop a love and passion for the game. Motivation to master the game of basketball is a fundamenta Individual Skills Competition Event #2: Ten-meter Dribble 1) Purpose To measure an athlete's speed and skill in dribbling a basketball. 2) Equipment Three basketballs (for women's and junior division competitions, a smaller basketball of 72.4 centimeters [28 1/2 inches] in circumference and betwee

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The same examples can be made in basketball, and unfortunately for many players who are not taught the concept of offence they continue to gravitate toward the ball even as senior players and this is why the passing and shooting skills look so poor at lower standards of the game. In fact the technique of the skills of passin basketball • Start the ball at chest level • Keep the knees bent • Release the ball by extending arms downwards • Upon release, turn palms outward towards the floor • Ball should contact ground two-thirds of the way to the receiving player ! Skills Rubric! Level 4 ~ Student performs the skills with no or few observable errors i Basketball - Individual Skills Scoresheet Athlete Name Heat # Age Gender M F Coach Name Delegation/Team 10M DRIBBLE Trial 1 Trial 2 Time Time # of Illegal Dribbles # of Illegal Dribbles Points Points Trial 1 Score Trial 2 Score Best of the Two Scores (Max possible: 30 pts.

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Drills for Skills. Player Forms. Free Throw Self-Analysis Checklist. Free Throw Player Log. Player Defensive Evaluation Form. Game Forms. Bench: TO's Fouls Poss Chart. Bench: Foul Chart. Bench: Time Out Chart. College Women: TO's Fouls Poss Chart. Team & Player Foul Chart. Timeout Chart. Bench: Substitution Log. Last Shot Guidelines. Player Skill Development - The #1 thing that every good basketball team has is good basketball players. Don't neglect skill development in your practices, your team will pay the price. Team Defensive Skills - This includes drills that factor in ball denials, on-ball defense, help-side, staying low, and more. You must drill defensive items. The great thing about these basketball training drills is that you don't need a court to do them. You can do them out on your driveway, on your back porch, or anywhere you have a hard surface. Once players learn each of the individual skills, put them all together in a continuous ball handling routine A major part of a basketball coach's job, whether it be on a youth level, middle school, or high school is skill development. Skills can be developed through individual drills, individualized practice sessions, small group work, and scrimmages.Many youth coaches have high numbers of players to coach and very small numbers of assistants. How can you teach and reinforce skills and make sure. Here is a portion or our 3rd quarter workout. The 4 quarter workout will get you sharp, this 3rd quarter section is about footwork and blance. www.agamehoops..

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three psychological skills were selected in the current program because of two factors. Firstly, discussions with coaches of the teams indicated that these three skills are the most lacking ones in many basketball players. Secondly, these skills are particularly important for optimal performance in athletics [7, 9, 29. Prior to] beginning th The basketball pass. A systematic review.pdf. the diagnostic and external validity of the assessment and indicate its applicability to investigate decision-making skills in youth basketball..

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Basketball Skills Test (AAHPERD-BST) and three-point shooting scores, and flow state, as measured by the Flow State Scale - 2 (FSS - 2), were measured at pre- and post-intervention. Results showed the hypnosis group scored significantly better (p < .05) than the relaxation . Basketball performance is determined by several conditional, motor, technical, tactical and psychological factors, such as hand coordination, 23 lower-body power, 24 the ability to change. To become a better basketball player YOU MUST TAKE ACTION!. You need to train hard and train smart.. One of the smartest things you can do to rapidly develop your basketball skills is to follow a step-by-step training blueprint designed by a pro.. There are a range of basketball training programs that are designed to improve aspects of your game such as shooting, scoring, ball-handling skills. 10 Basketball Skills You Should Learn. By: Jason Richards: Learning how to play basketball is learning its fundamentals. Here are those: 1. Dribbling - is important to penetrate to the hoop, move the ball across the court, get away from the defense, and find a good passing lane. There are different types of dribbles

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In the .pdf below, you will find the following basketball drills: Closeout to Help into 1 vs. 1 Deny Slides into 2 on 1 1 v. 2 from the Closeout Guarding the Kick Ahead Basketball Team Drills: Skill Work Breakdown Build the engine and consolidate basketball skills. Early in the level, 60% of the time is spent on individual training and 40% is spent on competition including 5x5 play, special games (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, skill games) as well as team-oriented practices. Later in the level, depending on mastery of skills, the switch can be made to a 50:50.

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Basketball Shooting Games The life of a basketball coach is incredibly rewarding. Here you will find basketball shooting games and drills to help you coach your team, players, or PE students up. Not only do you get a chance to watch new players develop their talent and athleticism, but you also get to pass on your joy and passion for the game Basketball Flyer is mainly used to advertise a basketball event occurring at any place. It is also used to popularize the game and contains enough information on the game through which people can get adequate knowledge on it. Flyers containing colorful pictures on basketball can attract people and they show interest in reading on details. Basketball Dribbling Cues Assessment. At the end of the unit I give my 2nd graders a verbal quiz to see if they know the 3 cues for a basketball dribble, this is one of our common report card assessments for 2nd grade (details on how I do grades here).You can see how I do the Basketball Skill Cues Knowledge Quiz by clicking the link below, it's pretty simple

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