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↳ Learning disabilities ↳ Mental health ↳ Other specific conditions and disabilities carer for my wife .she gets higher rate dla and all the other benefits we are entitled to.but we need help on having a kerb dropped and is it possible to get help or a grant towards the cost of having it done CarersLine is our free advice line for. Dropped Kerb 32 Figure 10 -Examples of Design of Dropped Kerb 34 Figure 11 -Dropped Kerb at Street Corner 35 Figure 12 Dropped Kerb for Access Road and Narrow Pavement 35 Figure 13 Arrangement of Tactile Warning Strips and Handrails at 38 Staircases Figure 14 Example of Staircase Plan for Persons with a Disability 40 Figure 15 -Handrails 4 Help please, drop kerb issue for disabled, discrimination? 14 October 2013 at 2:06PM edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights 60 replies 7.1K view Dropped Kerb Parking Laws Dropped or lowered kerbs are essentially pavement ramps that allow for easy passage from pavement to road for wheelchair users, push chairs and the visually impaired. Dropped kerbs are also placed opposite the driveways to many business's and private property to allow for vehicle access Scope's Disability Energy Support service is open to any disabled household in England or Wales in which one or more disabled people live. You can get free advice from an expert adviser on managing energy debt, switching tariffs, contacting your supplier and more. Find out more information by visiting our Disability Energy Support webpage

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Some contractors and councils offer an extended dropped kerb for free, while some charge up to £600 or more. The job itself usually takes around 1 to 2 days. However, this will depend on how much work is completed, as a bigger job could take up to a week as different parts of the job require different tradespeople However, a free dropped kerb for the disabled residents will only be granted on the advice of the Council's Occupational Therapy Team

Some dropped kerbs are badly designed or badly maintained. The ideal dropped kerb consists of a gentle slope from pavement level to a seamless join with the road, with tactile tiles to alert people with visual impairment to the presence of the drop To request an application pack for a dropped kerb or H bar marking please complete our highways enquiry form and one will be posted to you within 10 working days. Request an application pack now . Additional information. There are no results that match your criteria. Back to top. Residents. Advice-and-support

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  1. He has a blue badge due to a disability, could he recieve any help with paying for this as he only gets a pension and cant afford it, many thanks. 0 We got the pavements resurfaced in our road last year and all got their drop kerbs done by the council free! 0. 11 June 2011 at 10:55PM
  2. If you are disabled, you may be able to have a dropped kerb to allow access onto a driveway. The first step is to get planning permission off your local authority. For classified roads please contact Cheshire East Council, Planning Department, Municipal Buildings, Earle Street, Crewe, Telephone: 0300 123 5014
  3. Apply for a pedestrian dropped kerb. Please note, these are not Vehicle Access Crossovers.If you are wanting to apply for vehicle access to your property over a pavement or verge please use the Vehicle Access Crossover Form.. East Sussex County Council has allocated a certain amount of funding to provide pedestrian dropped kerbs which will support accessibility
  4. We can also help with road markings across the dropped kerb to your drive to stop other drivers parking there. These are called protective entrance markings. These types of disabled people's..
  5. ation Act (1995) placed a duty on employers, educators and service providers to make reasonable adjustments to avoid discri
  6. VAT-free building work for disabled people is limited to the work listed. Any other work you're having done, even if it's being done because of your disability, cannot be done VAT-free. Work that..

label B: there isn't 5m (approximately 6 dropped kerbs) between the edge of the proposed access and the next existing access (at number 33) and; label C: the new width of dropped kerbs (from number 29 to number 35) would be wider than 5.5m. This is the maximum we can approve for a shared acces People with differing disabilities have differing needs, often in direct conflict with each other. An example is the need for a flush kerb for wheelchair or pushchair users which causes problems for visually impaired people who do not know where the kerb line is located. The solution is to use tactile paving which can cause discomfort for som

Plain dropped kerbs and tactile dropped kerbs are discussed within different street settings. Context and existing guidance According to The Manual for Streets (Dft 2007), kerbs are elements used to separate the footway from the carriageway to protect pedestrians; channel the surface water; and to allow visually impaired people using a long. Parking a vehicle fully or partially across a dropped kerb is classed as an obstruction and either the police or local council can enforce the contravention. Based on the resources a particular authority has in dealing with this, attention will usually be focussed on offences that impede those with disabilities

Vehicular crossing (dropped kerb) A vehicular crossing, often referred to as a dropped kerb, is where the kerbs are lowered from their normal height and the pavement or verge is reconstructed to strengthen it to take the weight of the vehicle driving across it in order to give access into a property To find out more about the procedure in your local area, you can enter a search term such as 'dropped kerb Hounslow' or 'dropped kerb Glasgow' into a search engine. Many Councils have detailed guidance notes and application forms available online. Written by Tom Dawson on 07 Jun 10:51 Dropped kerb installation in Fife can be done for your vehicle so that you can drive it easily from the carriageway across private driveways and footways or on to road. The level access must be dropped accurately so that your vehicle can climb on driveways without damaging impact on the tyres, the pavement or rubbing the bumper Parking alongside a dropped kerb can cause considerable inconvenience and put vulnerable road users at severe risk. Parking adjacent to a dropped kerb at an access to premises can cause considerable nuisance to drivers trying to enter or leave the premises. The Highway Code advises drivers do not stop or park.where the kerb has bee

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A. The minimum width of lowered kerb is 2.7 metres and the maximum width of lowered kerb is 4.5 metres (3.6m where grass verges are present). Tapering sloped kerbs are to be added to one or both sides of the crossing, which ranges from 0.6 metre to 0.9 metre for a sloped kerb. There may well be existing crossings that exceed 4.5 metres o Equipment and adaptations for older and disabled people. If you have difficulty using your kitchen, bathroom or stairs, or getting in or out of your home, our occupational therapy service offers a range of services and advice on ways to adapt your home, such as installing a wheelchair ramp, extra hand rails or a stair lift. This means the. 1st Choice Surfacing Contractors based in Loanhead Midlothian are Edinburgh's leading dropped kerb contractors. We are NRSWA Approved Contractors and have over 20 years experience in installing drop kerbs throughout Edinburgh and Midlothian. Applying to the council to have dropped kerbs installed can be time consuming

Request a dropped kerb; Note: there is a £150 licence fee. What happens next? After we receive your application, we will check to make sure the location isn't a problem. If you are successful, you will receive a confirmation letter and will be required to pay the licence fee. You will also receive our approved contractors list - you must get. The Council does not install dropped kerbs, this application is usually made by the contractor you choose to install the dropped kerb for you, although you must pay the cost (£335). A discount on the cost of having a dropped kerb is available if you are a registered disabled person (and referred through the Independent Living Service) or it is. Vehicles parked across dropped kerbs can be ticketed, even if they're not fully blocking it. But parking very close to a dropped kerb or directly opposite it isn't illegal, even if it restricts. For further information about dropped kerbs visit Hampshire County Council's website. Assistance for disabled people . Subject to budget availability, the borough council will part fund the provision or modification of a vehicular dropped kerb for disabled people who are in possession of a valid blue badge A vehicle crossing, or dropped kerb, is when a kerb is lowered and the footpath strengthened, to let vehicles move between roads and properties Apply to have a street event Holding a street event for national and local occasions is welcomed by Essex County Council

A standard crossing typically comprises three dropped kerbs (2.7 metre flat section) with two tapers. The minimum width of a standard crossing is 2.4 metres at the back of the public footway. Disabled applicants and discounts. If you or a household resident has a substantial and permanent disability (for 12 months or longer) and experience. Pedestrians. A dropped kerb makes it easier for pedestrians with mobility problems or pushchairs to get to the pavement from the road. You can ask us to drop a kerb but we need to get approval from your local councillors before we can do this as there is a limited amount of money in each ward to spend on improvements. Mobility problems. If you have a mobility problem you can ask us to drop the. Anita and Rhian are part of a group of disabled people in Bridgend who want a to raise awareness of how doing something so simple like parking on a dropped kerb can potentially endanger a disabled person's life This also applies for extending an existing dropped kerb, for example in our case making the dropped kerb wider (approx 3 feet) to give better access when we extended the area of hard standing on our front garden . The council needless to say in our area do take a while to actually attend to fit the dropped kerb

As you probably know, you can't park in front of a dropped kerb because it's classed as an obstruction to driveways and to wheelchair users, cyclists etc trying to get off or on the kerb. However, when it comes to white lines it's a little different. White lines are used to discourage people parking from there, but it's not legally enforceable I am disabled and there is a tree where I want a dropped kerb. The council tries to help people with disabilities and will allow the removal of a street tree/s to provide a dropped kerb. To ensure the Council acts fairly and consistently, applications for dropped kerbs close to trees must satisfy all of the following criteria Residents who live next to a building open to the public or leisure facility (e.g a Doctor's Surgery, school, religious establishments, leisure centre or park), subject to a vehicle crossing being in place, and the marking not conflicting with other road markings (e.g pedestrian crossing zigzag lines) or within 15 metres of Traffic Lights.. If the dropped kerb extends across two vehicular. You seem to be missing the point of dropped kerbs,Dropped kerbs outside residences are there for the benefit of the property owner,not the general public,which is why residents are not prosecuted for parking on their own dropped kerb,One cannot commit an offense against oneself..and neither can a visitor to their property.Workmen and delivery drivers may park on dropped kerbs too,dropping off. Free or subsidised energy efficiency measures. Making your home more energy efficient can make it warmer and reduce energy bills. There are several schemes that may be able to help you with energy efficiency - from the Government, energy suppliers, local councils and other sources. Ill, Injured or Disabled

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To apply for a dropped kerb for access to a parking space, the depth from the dwelling frontage to highway boundary, needs to satisfy certain requirements, these are: 5.0m where adjacent footway or verge width is equal to or more than 1.5m; 5.1m where adjacent footway or verge width is less than 1.5m but equal to or more than 1.3 You and your contractor should read and adhere to the procedure and specification for the construction of dropped kerbs as set out in the dropped kerb specification and procedure guidance. If your application is unsuccessful you will receive a refund of £110. Refunds will be made by cheque The dropped kerb may not be used as a parking area and no part of it is exempted for the purpose of pavement parking. Hardstandings If you do not own the property you will need to check with the property owner and seek their permission to install a hardstanding and apply for a dropped kerb Any other kerb lowering permissions or refusals in your street. The type of vehicle you'll be parking in your new driveway. It's important to note that just because other people in your local area/street have a dropped kerb for their driveways it doesn't necessarily mean you will get a permit to do the same thing

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How selfish drivers blocking dropped kerbs can leave these people risking their lives to cross the road; For people who are blind or disabled the selfish actions of drivers obstructing blocked kerbs can represent not just a challenge but a serious ris When you have a dropped kerb built, you are paying for the right for vehicular access to your property. After construction, Trafford Council will be responsible for maintaining the dropped kerb. As the Highways Authority, we reserve the right to alter your dropped kerb in future to accommodate dropped kerbs to neighbouring properties or highway. Anita and Rhian are part of a group of disabled people in Bridgend who want to raise awareness of how doing something so simple like parking on a dropped kerb can potentially endanger a disabled.

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The proposed dropped kerb must not be on a busy or high-speed road (above 50mph). If it is, you'll need to have space to turn around within your property, without having to reverse out onto the road. See the dropped kerb terms and conditions for a full list of things that we assess 4. When a disabled person moves home, he or she may request dropped kerbs in their locality to access local shops and services. In some cases an individual needs several pairs of dropped kerbs linking their home to local amenities. Over recent years the increase in the use o Dropped kerbs provide a crossing place for wheelchair users and if they are obstructed by parked cars either a wheelchair user cannot cross the road at all or [more dangerously] a blind person crossing the road can collide with a parked car where they expected to find the matching dropped kerb Dropped kerbs. It is an offence to park across a dropped kerb so that it obstructs the resident's access to the public highway, preventing them from driving on or off their drive. If you are considering building a driveway you will require a dropped kerb (there is a charge for this and you may need planning permission) Apply for a dropped kerb

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  1. The Council is able to provide a quotation and construction service if you need to drop the kerb outside your property for the purposes of access to your land or driveway. Online kerb enquiry form. Once the quotation fee has been paid, an officer will visit the property to take appropriate measurements
  2. Dropped Kerb Installers for the North of the UK. A dropped kerb allows vehicles to cross the pavement from a road to a driveway, without risking damage to the surrounding surfaces. Installing a dropped kerb to your property can make a huge improvement to access, as well as helping ensure people do not block the front of your driveway
  3. If you share a dropped kerb with you neighbour you will still need their permission before parking across the dropped kerb. Specific details. The below is the correct way to park near a dropped kerb. The car is parked at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) clear of the dropped kerb and there are no parking restrictions applying in this part of the road
  4. Dropped kerbs (sometimes known as footway crossings or vehicle crossovers) allow you to drive a vehicle from the street over the footway onto your driveway. To do this, the kerb is dropped from the normal height and the path is strengthened to take the weight of the vehicle. Without this, the path and any pipes that are buried below it could be.

Free Online Library: How selfish drivers blocking dropped kerbs can leave these people risking their lives to cross the road; For people who are blind or disabled the selfish actions of drivers obstructing blocked kerbs can represent not just a challenge but a serious risk.(News) by Wales Online (Cardiff, Wales); News, opinion and commentary General interest Automobile drivers Disabled. Apply for a dropped kerb . Please use this form to apply for a dropped kerb. Please note, that you must be able to provide the minimum depths in line with our local policy on the what to check before applying page. If the inspector finds that this is not the case the application will be cancelled, without a refund The dropped kerb cost will also increase depending on the width of the footpath and the number of kerbs that need to be dropped in total. Dropping 2 kerbs on a pavement under 2m can cost as little as £300 whereas a job dropping 7 kerbs on a 3-3.5m pavement can cost up to £1520.As you can see, the size of the pavement and amount of kerbs to be dropped can greatly affect the total cost of the job To make a formal application for a dropped kerb, you will need to contact Hertfordshire County Council who are the Highways Authority. Apply for a dropped kerb; How much will it cost? As the work will be carried out by the Highways Authority, you will need to contact them on 0300 1234 047 Dropped kerbs policy A vehicle crossing is where a pavement is reinforced to take the weight of a car or light goods vehicle and the kerb is dropped to form a ramp. If residents wish to drive across the public pavement or verge to gain access to park on their property, they should apply to the Council to have a vehicle crossing constructed

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This applies to dropped kerbs which have been lowered to the level of the carriageway, for example pedestrian crossing points, with tactile slabs on the pavement. It also applies to crossing points denoted by white keep clear bars and others without additional markings where the footway has been lowered to the level of the carriageway

Construction and usage conditions of a dropped kerb or crossover. The following is a list of conditions relevant to the construction and the use of a domestic vehicle crossing after it has been completed. Permitted types of vehicles. A domestic vehicle crossing may only be used by a private light goods or similar vehicle the dropped kerb is going to be installed on an A, B or C class road (a classified street). Use our street checker to see if your street is classified. Driveway standards for a dropped kerb. You can only have a dropped kerb if your driveway meets the following criteria. Driveway size: where planning permission is not require Local authority charges for a dropped kerb/vehicle access licence vary throughout the country. In Liverpool, there is a £50 application fee for a Vehicle Access Licence and charges will depend on the amount of work to be done, length of kerb, grass verge removal etc. Typically the total cost will be around the £600 mark, but each application.

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1 Dropped kerb detail (prior to installation of tactile paving) 21 . 4 Layout of blister surface at controlled crossing where the . 8 . Layout of blister surface at indented uncontrolled crossing at 16 Layout of blister surface at a side road junction where the side 17 Layout of blister surface at a junction where the entire junctio Free Travel in London: If you live in Wales you can get a bus pass from the council when you reach age 60 (or sooner). Apply for a Dropped Kerb. Having the kerb dropped allows road vehicles to cross over the pavement into a driveway. Disabled drivers and passengers can park closer to their destination Vehicle crossings (dropped kerb) We encourage all our residents, wherever possible, to garage or park their vehicles off the road. If you need to drive over the pavement or verge to park on your property, you will need to have a vehicle crossing Ensuring Access at Dropped Kerb Points Title Ensuring Access at Dropped Kerb Points Service area Services for Communities Sub heading.

The council provides a quotation and construction service if you need to drop the kerb outside your property to make a driveway. Permission is required from the council in order for you to construct this. If the property is rented (e.g. from New Charter Housing) their permission to take a vehicle into the garden will also be require Providing access to and from your home - for example, ramping, shallow steps, and hard standings/dropped kerbs for vehicular access; Making your home safe for a disabled person living in your house - for example, guard rails, safety glass; Providing access to the principal family room - door widenin A disabled parking marking is a rectangular shaped box that contains a symbol of a person in a wheel chair in the centre. Anyone can park in a space with a disabled marking. However, if the procedure has been followed correctly then only vehicles with a current disabled badge can park in the space Dropped kerbs law and drop kerb applications - Section 184 It is common for most new developments and for many existing householders to seek new vehicle access points from the public highway. The most basic form is where the kerbs are dropped and pavement reconstructed at a new gradient to provide a sound entrance I rang the number and asked about dropped kerbs and he said they'll drop any kerb free if it is in front of access. I put my boots on and out and kicked my whole wall down to have the whole front garden as a drive. Enough for 3 cars side by side, 4 at a push. They did the kerbs and also did everyone elses kerbs that had drives but not lowered them

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Dropped kerb crossings Vehicular crossing The vehicular crossing is the sloped area of footway between the kerb edge and the front garden of a residential property. If you would like to apply for a vehicular crossing, please read this guidance (PDF) Currently, 200 kerbs that meet the Council's criteria are waiting to be completed, with only 70 budgeted for every year. Rachael Seymour, a campaigner on disability issues, said, As an individual with mobility issues I believe dropped kerbs are essential Damage to trees can occur as a result of excavation near their roots. The root protection zone is defined by a circle of radius equal to 4 times the circumference of the tree trunk measured at a height of about 1.5 metres above ground level. If the proposed dropped kerb application falls within this zone the application will be refused Apply for a new or extend a vehicle crossing or dropped kerb A vehicle crossing, or dropped kerb, is when a kerb is lowered and the footpath strengthened, to let vehicles move between roads and properties. If you'd like to build or extend one of these, you'll need permission from Essex County Council. Here's how to apply

You can ask us to drop the kerb in front of your driveway to allow access to your property. Apply for an 'H' bar road mark If you are troubled by problem parking and you already have a dropped kerb you can apply for an 'H' mark What is a dropped kerb (vehicle crossover)? A dropped kerb is the sloped area where the vehicle crosses from the road to the front of the property. Often it is a driveway with a dropped kerb. If you would like to build a dropped kerb you must contact the council to get permission. If you don't get permission to build a dropped kerb when you.

Parking restrictions and dropped kerbs. Blue badges. Disabled parking bays. Parking suspensions. Report parking issues. Parking general information. Contact us. On this page you will find links to all of the information about parking on our website Dropped kerbs/footways What is a dropped kerb? A dropped footway is a sloping kerb at the edge of a pavement normally to help pedestrians cross the road (especially those with pushchairs, the elderly and the disabled), or to allow vehicular access to a drive or parking facilities Dropped kerbs. You need to have our permission to drop a kerb to your property. We charge an application fee of £76.50. Further details on requirements are included in the vehicle crossing/dropped kerb application form and vehicle crossing policy. Access Protection Markings Disabled parking boxes Carrying out roadwork

Parking on dropped kerb and double parking What will happen if I park across a dropped kerb or double park? From 1 April 2013 if you park on a dropped kerb or double park (50cm away from the kerb) you will be given a Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket) by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO, commonly referred to as a traffic warden).. How much will a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) cost me We receive a lot of requests for dropped kerbs from parish and town councils in South Gloucestershire. These help people with mobility difficulties get down from the footway onto the road. We give priority to schemes that are likely to benefit a larger number of mobility-impaired residents. For example in locations that are; near shops or librarie A dropped kerb or vehicle crossing is the dip in the path and kerb that is used to cross the public highway. Assistance with funding for this type of work is sometimes available through a disabled facilities grant to meet the needs of a person with a disability Kerb Ramp Kerb ramps should be aligned in the direction of travel, with an opposite kerb ramp where a change of level is no higher than 190mm. The gradient should be no steeper than 1:8 and no longer than 1520mm. Sharp transitions at the change in grade at the top and bottom of the kerb ramp will assist people with vision impairment to detect it

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And if you cause unnecessary obstruction by blocking a person's access to their driveway (if legal dropped kerb), you can receive a non endorsable fixed penalty notice ( 30.00), and/or the removal. TRO, for each individual dropped kerb or relevant part of the pavement. This places a major bureaucratic hurdle in the way of a Local Authority universally introducing enforcement procedures to assist the disabled and other users. The costs of lining and signing every dropped kerb and pavement would be prohibitive and the clutte 4.12 Stairs for the Ambulant Disabled 88 Chapter 5: Sanitary Provision 5.1 General 89 Figure 9 Kerb Ramp with Returned/Continuous Kerbs Figure 10 Kerb Ramp with Built-Up/Extended Kerbs 2 Started as the Code on Barrier-Free Accessibility in Buildings in 1990, the Code evolved in.

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  1. If a sign and/or line is required solely for the purpose of a disabled person to be picked up or dropped off by ambulance or family If it is not possible to park directly outside your home If you already have provision of off road parking i.e. a garage or drivewa
  2. The huge growth in demand for off-street parking has seen more and more people drop kerbs to create car standing at the front of their properties. Research by home insurer Direct Line shows that off-street parking is seen by estate agents as a desirable feature which adds value to a property. This, coupled with increasing parking restrictions.
  3. A blue disabled badge is not valid when a vehicle is parked adjacent to a dropped footway. A dropped footway does not have to be sign posted or marked on the road. It is the motorists responsibility to ensure that they have not parked adjacent to a dropped kerb. Taxi rank. A taxi bay is designed for the use of hackney carriages licensed by the.

dropped kerbs at crossing points; disabled bays; bus stops; limited waiting. Report a parking problem now > If you believe that a vehicle has been left in a place that may be dangerous to other road users or pedestrians and is causing an obstruction to the highway or over a footpath and should be removed you should contact the police Advice on how to apply for a dropped kerb outside your house. Disabled parking bay scheme. Report a parking offence. Report a parking offence to us online Residential parking zones. Areas of residential parking zones in Rhondda Cynon Taf. Blue badge parking permit

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  1. Apply for a Footway Crossing (Dropped Kerb) Apply. Application form; A footway crossing is formed by lowering the kerbs to allow residents to drive a vehicle across the footway to gain access between their property and the public road. When you make an application for a footway crossing* in Glasgow we will carry out an assessment on site to.
  2. She said: I am a full-time wheelchair user and applied for a disabled parking space and a dropped kerb between the space and my front door so I can come and go as I please
  3. Dropped kerbs are a form of tactile paving that was introduced to make life easier for disabled people. A blister surface is used at a dropped kerb to provide warning to visually impaired people who would otherwise find it difficult to differentiate between where the pavement ends and road begins
  4. Dropped kerbs provide legal access from the street to off-street areas such as driveways. We enforce against the obstruction of dropped kerbs by way of a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or vehicle removal. Vehicles parked adjacent to a dropped kerb may be ticketed and removed without notice. Only vehicles that are either straddling the dropped kerb.
  5. Dropped kerbs and vehicle crossovers. If you want to drive across the public footway in order to gain access to your drive, you will need to have a vehicle crossover constructed. We are responsible for carrying out the work but permission will only be granted if the application fully meets our criteria
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The use of low kerbs has in some cases been supported by local blind and partially sighted people and societies, and access groups. Stockport Disability Alliance has written to Guide Dogs supporting the use of 50mm kerbs by Stockport Council, who have implemented them in Warren Street, Stockport At Transport for All we are concerned about the pace of change of our streetscapes and the impact on disabled people. By 'streetscapes' we mean all the shared space that you walk, wheel, push, drive or cycle in - spaces that are seeing huge changes that impact accessibility including: widened pavements, low traffic zones, street clutter, and the introduction of e-scooters

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Dropped kerb installation in Walsall can be done for your vehicle so that you can drive it easily from the carriageway across private driveways and footways or on to road. The level access must be dropped accurately so that your vehicle can climb on driveways without damaging impact on the tyres, the pavement or rubbing the bumper parking alongside a dropped kerb - vehicles displaying disabled badges are not exempt; parking more than 50cm from the kerb; The charge for blocking dropped kerbs and parking more than 50cm from the kerb is £70, reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days Parking for the disabled. The Blue Badge scheme provides a range of parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems who have difficulty using public transport. Information on the Blue Badge Scheme. The scheme operates throughout the UK. The badge enables holders to park close to where they need to go These pages relate purely to the process of applying to the Highway Authority for your dropped kerb. You should first ascertain if either planning permission or a certificate of lawful proposed use from the Local Planning Authority is required for the creation of a vehicular access, in addition to the Highway approval Of course, obstructing any dropped kerb will cause inconvenience either to the owner of the property who cannot obtain access or egress from their property, or in respect of pedestrian dropped kerbs you can even cause danger to pedestrians, particularly the elderly, disabled and mothers with prams

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