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The USA is the world's second largest tomato producer and the world's leader in producti- on and export of processed tomato. Fresh tomato production in the field is als relevant wit Cultivation of tomato production, processing and marketing Discover the world's research. 20+ million members Author content. All content in this area was uploaded by Martin Hilmi on Feb. Tomatoes thrive in well-drained, deep, uniform clay or silty loams. They are very sensitive to water logged soils and prefer a soil pH of between 6.0 -7.5. They do best in temperatures of between 20°C - 27°C. Tomato production can be adversely affected when the temperatures get below 10°C or exceed 30°C, as fruit setting is affected

The latest area, production and productivity of major tomato growing countries in 2010 - 2011 is given below in the table. Major Tomato Producing Countries In The World (2010-11) Country Area ('000ha) Production ('000 Tons) Productivity (tons/Ha) % Share Of World Production China 871235 41879684 48.1 28 India 865000 16826000 19.5 1 Production 2007-2018 In 2018, the amount of tomatoes produced worldwide stood at X tonnes, rising by X% against the previous year. The total output volume increased at an average annual rate of +X% from 2007 to 2018; the trend pattern remained consistent, with somewhat noticeable fluctuations being observed in certain years This graph shows the global vegetable production in 2019, broken down by type. In that year, approximately 180.77 million metric tons of tomatoes were produced worldwide To obtain copies of this document, please contact: Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Executive White Bui ding Communication, Corporate Service

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  1. FAO. 2019. World Food and Agriculture - Statistical pocketbook 2019. Rome. The designations employed and the presentation of material in this information product do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Food an
  2. Spain produces 35% of Europe tomato production and 5.5% of worlds total production. Tomatoes in this country were first introduced by Spanish colonizers from Mexico in the 18th century. Production of the fruit is all year round but the best months are during summer. Some of the main areas where tomato production is high in Spain is Almeria.
  3. Increase of 2.64 % in production of vegetables in 2019-20 over 2018-19. Increase is mainly due to increased production of Onion, Potato and Tomato. Onion production is expected to be 24.45 Million Tonne (increase of 7.17%) as compared to 22.82 Million Tonne in 2018-19
  4. (FAOSTAT, 2019). The greatest challenge in tomato production is use of agrochemicals particularly in pest and disease management. Injudicious use of pesticides has resulted in heavy accumulation of chemical residues which is a threat to production of safe tomato in a world where people are conscious abou
  5. India and Turkey followed with the second and third highest production of tomatoes in the world. In India, tomato is cultivated in several states of the country. In the European Union, tomatoes accounted for 23% of the total output of fresh vegetables in 2014. Of this, more than half was produced in Spain, Italy, and Poland
  6. Tomato Production, First published by SHEP in 2009, revised by SHEP PLUS in 2019 (Ver.6) Editors: James Arim, Stephen Kioko, Collins Otieno, Calistus Efukho, Grace Mbuthia, Florence Mangoli, Zablon Oirere, Elizabeth Mbuthia, Fransisca Malenge, Jiro Aikawa, Kiyoshi Kita, Harue Kitajima, Yasuhiro Takashina, Taku Se
  7. Executive summary • There are two major markets for tomatoes: fresh tomatoes and processed tomato products • Fresh tomatoes: The market is growing at 15% p.a., but there may be more latent demand • Processed tomato products: The market could grow at 17% p.a. by displacing imports • Fresh tomatoes fetch a higher market price, making it a more attractive market for smallholde

Over the period under review, the global tomato market reached its peak figure level at $196.1B in 2014; however, from 2015 to 2018, consumption remained at a lower figure. Production 2007-2018. In 2018, the amount of tomatoes produced worldwide stood at 188M tonnes, rising by 3.5% against the previous year This is a list of countries by tomato production in 2016 and 2017, based on data from the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database. The estimated total world production for tomatoes in 2017 was 182,301,395 metric tonnes, an increase of 1.6% from 179,508,401 tonnes in 2016. China was by far the largest producer, accounting for nearly 33% of global production. Dependen WPTC crop update and world production estimate as of 29 March 2019. 2019-04-01. Go to: World production estimate as of 12 February 2019. 2019-02-19. 10th World Processing Tomato Congress. 2012-05-28. Go to: World production estimate as of 3 April 2012. 2012-04-04. Go to: World production estimate as of 31 January 2012 the production of fresh market tomatoes. Principal tomato production regions are located in south Florida, central Florida (south of Tampa), and a small production region in northwest Florida. California is a close second in fresh market tomato production and contributes significantly to the crop of fresh market tomatoes produced in the U.S

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The value of utilized production for 2019 vegetable crops was $14.2 billion, up 12 percent from the previous year for comparable crops and States. Head lettuce, tomatoes, and onions claimed the highest values, accounting for 32 percent of the utilized value of production when combined Tomato Production 3 Tachi. Midseason variety with classic saladette shape. Determinate midcompact plant. Fruit size predominately extra large, uniform, and very similar to Mariana. Wide adaptability and suited for concentrated harvests for vine-ripe and mature-green markets. Cherry Types BHN 268. Early to midseason

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  1. 9.2 details production costs for cluster and beefsteak tomato production in The Netherlands. Although production is highly efficient, with 45-71 kg of fruit produced per man-hour, labour still accounts for 37% of production costs. Marketing costs are relatively low in The Netherlands at US$0.21/kg
  2. The World Processing Tomato Council (WPTC) is an international non-profit making organization representing the tomato processing industry worldwide. Currently, its members represent more than 95% of the volume of tomatoes processed worldwide
  3. Tomato is an important component of every Ghanaian meal, and its cultivation contributes significantly to livelihood improvement. The demand for tomato in Ghana outstrips supply, and therefore local production is augmented by imports from neighbouring countries. Despite the importance of tomato in Ghana, past tomato-breeding programmes have been unsystematic and had not led to the development.

GLOBAL BIOENERGY STATISTICS 2019 7 INTRODUCTION The WBA Global Bioenergy Statistics report is one of the flagship publications of World Bio-energy Association. First published in 2014, the annually published report is one of the only reports focussing solely on the developments in the bioenergy sector. This 2019 edition is the 5th in the series 1 Volume 34 C. Reichl, M. S chatz Minerals Production Vienna, 2019 World Mining Data 2019 Iron and Ferro-Alloy Metals Non-Ferrous Metals Precious Metal Line (1), mine production is shown for the full period 1998 through 2018. In . Table 1, on Line (1), a further reference will be found after the item heading Mine Production, directing the reader elsewhere on page 6. In fact, on page 6, a table entitled . Table 1, Item 1 . presents the data on mine production by state for 1998 through 2018 Total World Production: 81.9 Mt 2017 2018(r) 2019 MIDREX® 79.0% 77.2% 79.8% Other Shaft Furnace 21.0% 22.8% 20.2% Source: Midrex Technologies, Inc. MIDREX® 79.8% 2019 World Shaft Furnace Production by Process Shaft Furnace DRI Production by Process and by Year 81.94 Mt 2019 World Direct Reduction Statistics Page 5 9.4.2 Tomato, scientifically known as Lycopersicum esculentum Miller is an important and popular vegetable grown in many parts of the world. The fruit is used as an ingredient in many food preparations and is regarded as one of the most profitable crops for off-season production, preferably from May to September

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Area and production of horticulture crops for 2018 - 19 (1st Advance Estimates) Download (164.33 KB) Area and production of horticulture crops for 2017 - 18 (Final) Download (159.15 KB) Area and Production of Horticulture Crops - All India : 2016-17 to 2017-18: Download (69.42 KB ii. India stands at second position in the production of tomato in the world. The share of Maharashtra in the total production is 4.85 %. The study was conducted in Nashik district of Maharashtra, as it contributes to about 30% of the total production of the state and comes in the top ten tomato producing districts in the country (para 1.4). iii Tomato Jos is an agricultural production company that believes in the power of farming and processing local food products for local consumption. Our mission is to make tomato production a sustainable, profitable business for Nigerian farmers. 1.4. Value proposition Value to farmers: we give farmers the tools an Exported tomatoes Global sales for all tomatoes exported by country totaled an estimated US$9 billion for 2019. Overall the value of exported tomatoes increased by an average 5.8% for all exporting countries since 2015 when tomatoes shipments were valued at $8.5 billion. Year over year, exported tomatoes depreciated by -6.2% from 2018 to 2019

The value of tomatoes increased by 11% in the 2018-2019 season, while the volume decreased by 3%. 53% of the total production is intended for fresh consumption, while the other 47% goes to the. ISBN 978-1-78985-033-8, eISBN 978-1-78985-034-5, PDF ISBN 978-1-83881-466-3, Published 2019-01-23 Tomato cultivation is a major economic activity in many countries of the world. Thus, strategic efforts should be directed towards mitigating production constraints that limit overall yields and quality • The value of protected vegetables increased by 5.1% in 2019 to £335 million. • Production of protected vegetables fell by 2% in 2019 to 269 thousand tonnes, with the area used falling by 0.5%, at 799 hectares. This is the fourth year in a row where protected vegetable production has fallen since peak production in 2015 important species. Tomato is grown worldwide for local use or as an export crop. In 2014, the global area cultivated with tomato was 5 million hectares with a production of 171 million tonnes, the major tomato-producing countries being the People's Republic of China (hereafter China) and India (FAOSTAT, 2017) PwC: Audit and assurance, consulting and tax service

2017 world production and use. World energy production was 14 035 Mtoe in 2017 - a 2.2% increase compared to 2016 (Figure 2). This increase was driven by coal and natural gas, both increasing by more than 120 Mtoe in 2017, and Figure 1. Annual average change in global fossil fuels production by fue In China, tomato production expanded at an average annual rate of +X% over the period from 2007-2019. In the other countries, the average annual rates were as follows: India (+X% per year) and Turkey (+X% per year). Tomato Exports Exports. In 2019, the amount of tomatoes exported worldwide stood at X tonnes, approximately reflecting 2018 figures Over the period under review, the global tomato market reached its peak figure level at $196.1B in 2014; however, from 2015 to 2018, consumption remained at a lower figure. Production 2007-201 Within the group of fresh vegetables, the harvested production of tomatoes was 16.5 million tonnes in 2019, of onions was an estimated 6.1 million tonnes and of carrots an estimated 4.7 million tonnes. Almost two thirds of the EU-27's tomato production in 2019 came from Italy (5.3 million tonnes) and Spain (5.0 million tonnes) Nigeria is ranked 16th on the global tomato production scale, and she accounts for 10.8% of Africa's and 1.2 per cent of total world production of tomatoes. However, the production is beset with many problems, such as diseases, nematodes, insect pests, high flower drop, all these resulting in low yield and poor quality fruits

of world production. PROCESSING TOMATO ACREAGE, yIELD, AND VALUE Year Acreage Average yield per acre 2004 281,000 41.5 2005 267,000 36.4 2006 283,000 35.8 Source: USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, University of California • Processing Tomato Production in California. Pecan Production ISSN: 2640-0014 Released March 14, 2019, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Pecan Production Down 27 Percent From Previous Year Utilized production in 2018 totaled 221 million pounds, down 27 percent from 2017 In this third edition of IOGP's Global Production Report, we see a continuing rise in demand for oil and gas across most of the world. In many - if not all - regions, production is also rising. Based on the latest BP Statistical Review of World Energy, published in June 2019, this report draws its conclusions from 2018 data. It shows that *Marketing Year Oct. 1, 2018 - Sept. 30, 2019 World Corn Production 2018 - 2019* (million bushels were tomatoes, sweet corn, and onions, which combined accounted for 56 percent of the all vegetables total. The value of utilized production for 2018 vegetable crops was $12.9 billion, down 12 percent from the previous year. Tomatoes, head lettuce, and romaine lettuce claimed the highest values, accounting for 31 percent of the total value o

India. India produces 20,708,000 tons tomatoes in a year, according to the report in 2017.It is the 2 nd largest tomato producer in the world after China. Only Andhra Pradesh produces 35% of all production in the entire country. Other popular states of India for tomato production include Karnataka, Bihar, Gujrat, and West Bengal Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade Source: USDA-FAS-PSD Global production is forecast nearly 2 percent higher year-over-year to 61.5 million tons in 2021 as output in Canada, India, and the United States rebounds after COVID-19-related processing disruptions impacted slaughter in 2020. Brazil production is expected higher

According to preliminary data from the World Steel Association (WSA), global production rose 4.9 percent to 1.803 billion tonnes in 2018. This growth was mainly due to a 7.8 percent increase in Chinese output (compared to 1.9 percent growth for the rest of the world). Global production rose 3.8% in the first two months of 2019, also principall Tomatoes are the second most consumed vegetable in the U.S, behind potatoes. In 2017, fresh market and processed consumption was 20.3 pounds and 73.3 pounds per capita, respectively. The U.S. tomato processing industry, comprised primarily of tomato pastes, sauces and canned tomato products, is distinctly separate from the fresh-market industry The tomato category is the world's largest vegetable category, representing 16%. It is also a very fast growing category with an increase in production of 49% between 2000 and 2013. Global tomato production is currently around 130 million tons, of which 88 million are destined for the fresh market and 42 million are processed. The top 5 largest tomato producers are: China, EU, India, US and. This publication is a joint effort of the seven disciplines that comprise the Georgia Vegetable Team. It is comprised of 14 topics on tomato, including history of tomato production, cultural practices, pest management, harvesting, handling and marketing. This publication provides information that will assist producers in improving the profitability of tomato production, whether they are new or. The recent World Resources Report warns if our current level of production efficiency continues, feeding the planet in 2050 would require clearing most of the world's remaining forests, wiping out thousands more species, and releasing enough greenhouse gas emissions to exceed the 1.5°C and 2°C warming targets enshrined in the Paris Agreement - even if emissions from all other human.

Report on the World Manufacturing Production #content p { text-align:justify; } UNIDO Statistics publishes a series of quarterly reports about current growth trends of the world manufacturing production, which is based on the index numbers of industrial production (IIP) collected from national data sources. The main objective of this report is to provide an overview of the current growth. The world of energy is being reshaped by a set of fundamental drivers, which we term the Grand Transition. These drivers provide the broader context for determining global energy pathways to 2040. The energy system implications of this 2019 scenario-based update include

tons in 2019, which is an increase of 2.5 percent from what was reported under contract in the August 2018 California processing Tomato Report. Processors estimate that the contracted production fo In this section, Tomato, Cabbage, Radish and Onion seeds in detail. 1. TOMATO Tomato is the world's largest vegetable crop after potato and sweet potato. Asia alone produces 60 percent of total world's Tomato with China and India leading the global Tomato production. In 2017, world's Tomato production was 182 Mill MT The World Bank is an international development institution established by Articles of Agreement adopted by its member countries. The World Bank's overarching mission is to reduce poverty, improve living conditions, and promote sustainable and comprehensive development in its developing member coun-tries

Graphic design and production Anja Korenblik Suzanne Kunnen Kristina Kuttnig Fabian Rettenbacher Coordination Francesca Massanello Administrative support Iulia Lazar Review and comments The World Drug Report 2019 benefited from the expertise of and invaluable contributions from INCB and from UNODC colleagues in all divisions Production Total world coal production In 2014 world coal production declined for the first time this century. This decrease continued through 2015 and 2016. However, the trend was reversed in 2017. Coal production further increased in 2018 by 3.3%, an additional 250 Mt, driven by increases in steam and coking coal production A. 33 B. 34 C. 37 D. 39 Submitted by: Zohaib Zafa

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During 2019, China produced more than 60% of the world's graphite. Approximately 40% of production in China was amorphous graphite and about 60% was flake. China does produce some large flake graphite, but the majority of its flake graphite production is very small, in the +200-mesh range. North America produced only 4% of the world's 10 Statistical tables Table A1 Growth in the volume of world merchandise exports and production, 2010-2019 78 Table A2 Growth in the volume of world merchandise trade by selected region and economy, 2010-2019 78 Table A3 World merchandise trade and trade in commercial services by region and selected economy, 2010-2019 79 Table A4 World merchandise exports by region and selected economy, 1948.

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Indeterminate tomatoes, better known as vining varieties produce the largest types of mid- to late-season slicing tomatoes all summer and until the first frost. Because indeterminates experience more leaf growth, their production tends to be spread more evenly throughout the season How to start tomato paste production business in Africa. The tomato is a major vegetable crop that has achieve tremendous popularity over the last century. It is grown in practically every country of the world - in outdoor fields, greenhouses and nethouses WORLD CRUDE STEEL PRODUCTION 1950 TO 2018 Years World 1950 189 1955 270 1960 347 1965 456 1970 595 1975 644 1980 717 1985 719 1990 770 1995 753 Years World 2010 1 433 2011 1 538 2012 1 560 2013 1 650 2014 1 669 2015 1 620 2016 1 627 2017 1 730 2018 1 808 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 0 200 400 600 800 1 000 1 200 1 400 1 600 1 800 million.

The inaugural edition of World Sesame Convention was held in Istanbul during Aug 18-20, 2019. The event was organized by www.sesameinformation.com, the portal is owned by Foretell Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 307 delegates spread across 34 countries participated in the convention Statistics on tomatoes production, prices and trade and reports from the working group on tomatoes. English (867.5 KB - PDF) Download PDF - 867.5 KB. EU tomato market - trade for fresh products. English (1.5 MB - PDF) Download PDF - 1.5 MB. EU tomato market - trade in processed products United Nations Environment Programm PALM OIL : World Production World production of palm oil likely to rebound by 3.2 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2020/21 (but not by as much as four years ago) with Indonesia +3.3 Mn, but Malaysia down 0.5 Mn T Low opening stocks (-2.5 Mn T) will limit the supply growth to 0.7 Mn T Only moderate price setback 2021. Labour shortage (production

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of 2019, after having narrowed slightly in 2018In annualised terms, . the gap between capacity and production currently stands at 440.0 mmt, up from 413.0 mm t in 2018. • Steel demand outlook: Forecasts by the World Steel Association (worldsteel) released in April 2019point to continued growth in global steel demand in 2019 Tomatoes are best eaten straight from the vine, when they're still warm from the sun. They don't freeze well, but you can store them for a week or so at room temperature. Avoid storing your tomatoes in the fridge where possible, as this will give them a mealy texture. The best way to store tomatoes is to make a tomato sauce and then freeze it The National Institute for Food and Agriculture has funding opportunities (PDF, 1.22 MB) that could support future vertical agriculture conferences and research. Similarly, the Agricultural Research Service is working on a project to increase U.S. tomato production and quality in greenhouses and other protected-environments 2019, particularly compared with 2018, in which every segment of the value chain improved. In 2019, rough diamond producers achieved near record-high production while jewelry retailers optimized and lowered their inventory needs. As a result, we expect mining and midstream revenues to decrease by 25% and 10%, respectively, i Crop Production 2019 Summary (January 2020) 3 USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service Corn for grain production in 2019 was estimated at 13.7 billion bushels, down 5 percent from the revised 2018 estimate. The average yield in the United States was estimated at 168.0 bushels per acre, 8.4 bushels below the 2018 yield o

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Purdue University's College of Agriculture leads globally in the science and business of agriculture, food, life, and natural resources, positively changing the world through our unwavering commitment to excellence in serving the land grant missions of learning, discovery, and engagement • In the Reference case, world production of crude oil and lease condensate increases from about 80 million barrels per day (b/d) in 2018 to about 100 million b/d in 2050. Total liquids production increases from 101 million b/d in 2018 to 121.5 million b/d in 2050 Tomatoes are a widely produced and consumed horticultural crop in Rwanda with consumption on the rise. Rwanda is a net importer of tomato. The production is seasonal and the crop is highly perishable. Tomatoes have been identified as a priority crop for the Reducin This flagship publication is part of THE STATE OF THE WORLD series of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Required citation: FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP and WHO. 2019. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019. Safeguarding against economic slowdowns and downturns. Rome, FAO. Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 IGO

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At a country level, China was the largest producer in the world in 2019 and accounted for around 11 per cent of total global production. Our interactive gold mining map provides a breakdown of the top gold producing countries in the world, which demonstrates the geographical dispersion of gold mining operations and the gold supply The World Investment Report 2019 was prepared by a team led by James X. Zhan. The team members included Richard Bolwijn, Bruno Casella, Arslan Production of the report was supported by Elisabeth Anodeau-Mareschal, Nathalie Eulaerts, Rosalina Goyena, Sivanla Sikounnavong and Katia Vieu

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The world must sustainably produce food, feed, fiber, and bioenergy for nearly 10 billion people in 2050. Thanks to growing consumer interest in food production and campaigns by the EAT Foundation and others, radical transformations to the world's food and agricultural systems are being debated in public and policy forums Documents & Reports - All Documents | The World Ban labour force. The estimated annual global production in 2017 was 182 million tonnes (21 million tonnes in Africa), and tomato is the sixth most valuable cultivated crop, worth US$ 87.9 billion in 2016 alone. In Africa, total production amounts to 37.8 million tonnes annually, with the biggest producers being Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia and Morocco World crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to the worldsteel was 161.9 million tonnes (Mt) in October 2020, a 7.0% increase compared to October 2019. Press releases Statistics 23 October 202

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Market Report 2019 Covering production trends and initiative updates from the 2017/18 harvest year. In 2019, we are at the dawn of an incredibly important decade. We hear world leaders say the next ten years will determine our ongoing ability to sustain life on Earth, and climate data tell us we are. Tomato Production Enterprise Budget John McMinn, Dr. Ron Rainey, Dr. Amanda McWhirt Summary of Estimated Costs and Returns per Acre Tomatoes, Fresh Market, Irrigated 6 ft row spacing, 16 gpm with 7,260 ft of drip tape RETURNS ABOVE DIRECT EXPENSES RETURNS ABOVE TOTAL SPECIFIED EXPENSES ITEM UNIT PRICE QUANTITY AMOUN Production area in hectares Exact location with GPS coordinates and satellite maps of production area and packing operation Annual periods - planting to harvest Estimated production volume in tons, by planting period, by year Type of production - open field, greenhouse and shade house4 Tomato varieties produce 2021 TOMATOES PLEASE NOTE, THIS LIST IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE AND IS SUBJECT TO WHAT IS AVAILABLE FROM OUR GROWERS. Days to Harvest is the estimated time it will take plants to bear ripe fruit from planting date. Type indicates the category of the tomato.Beefsteak-Very large, dense fruits.One slice will make a sandwich. Cherry-small fruited, great for snacking, grilling and salads

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